Your Donations will help Ms. Rico  

 With Her Treatment Costs 

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      Thess has undergone initial surgery to prepare for the daily and weekly dialysis treatments. Because of the fact that the treatment is very time and cost intensive, Thess is no longer able to work at her full time job during the week.

     The cost of medical care she is receiving is very expensive. Besides her medical insurance coverage, we'd like to raise some funds to help her with her medical and recovery costs. 

Here is a breakdown of her costs for refernece: 

  • Doctors Visits are $50 dollars a co-pay (weekly).

  • All Surgeries requires a $300 entry fee. 

  • To be on a waiting list for a transplant alone cost $10,000.   

She will also have to prepare for expenses on:

  • Equipment for daily dialysis. 

  • Inability to Work. 

  • Undergoing the transplant.

  • Preparing to financially help a live donor. Which includes: 

    • Their transplant surgery​.

    • Their inability to work. 

    • Their doctors visits. 

    • Their surgery entry fees. 

     Thess had been a single mother and she has used up a lot of her savings for her initial dialysis treatments. Every single dollar can help her towards a full recovery!

     Although I am facing a life-threatening situation, I am so blessed to be where I am today. Throughout my life, I have met so many amazing people that I have come to adore. Especially my students, I have met so many unique and interesting kids and have been honored to be the one to help them through the challenges of growing up.


     I always knew that I liked to help others in need growing up, I always wanted to make a point of being a good listener and someone that people felt like they could approach. I never thought that in the end it was me who was the one that needed help and to be listened to.


     A few weeks ago, I was on my way to wok and I noticed all the bruises on my hands and I started to feel dizzy while I was driving. I pulled over and called a friend to take me to the hospital


      I found out that I have Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease.  I was sitting down in front of my doctor while he was explaining how this would now impact my life. It hit me pretty hard, and immediately I was overwhelmed. I felt stunned, devastated, empty, scared filled with tears. I was trying to be so strong inside but I felt lost as I realized this changed everything.

     I always have been an active person, seizing all hours of the day to accomplish as many things as I could. There was never enough time in the day, but now having heard the diagnosis and what it entailed I was running out of time.

     At first I didn’t know how to tell my students, family, let alone my own son. I even thought about not telling them and secretly dealing with this on my own. I didn’t want them to be upset, or be burdened by what this would entail. In the end I had to come clean as I realized this was not something I could hide.  

     After a few days I had fully accepted my fate, I knew what I had to do was not going to be easy but I needed to somehow keep going. I needed to prepare for the worst and hope for the best, to cross all my T’s and dot my I’s. One of the hardest things this meant was to tell my kids. I knew they would take it hard and the last thing I wanted to do was burden their budding lives, but never did I imagine this outcome you see before you.


     I have gotten so much support, not only from my loved ones and family, but also from all of my friends and previous students. Their love, prayers, concerns, their time and their willingness to support me with my journey, I am so grateful.


     They are the ones teaching me I need to keep a positive experience and to not let my disease define me or dictate my life. Look in your underwear drawer, receiving a kidney transplant would be a miracle, but then again the love and support from everyone will keep me living and will keep me pushing on.


     “Through the almighty above – things are possible – I am his child, redeemed from the curse of law, being transformed by the renewing of my mind, an over comer by the word of my testimony!”


     I would like to THANK everyone who has always been by my side, to those that have been with me through all the journeys of my life.


I would like to THANK everyone who donates or sends their prayers.

                                                                                             - Marithess Rico


Total Raised as of 9/1/16 - $10,030.00